4 Retail Euroshop 2020 trends

We had the chance to participate in this great three-year mass that is Euroshop in Dusseldorf. It's the world's retail show. And it was a learning expedition organized by Business France with our colleagues from Deewee, Alkemics, Alcmeon, Acteos and Belive.

1/ Priority to the customer experience

More than ever, retailers have realized that stores are no longer just outlets but also places where you can meet, eat, find products, answers, services but also fun and astonishment.

The Edeka Zurheide brand offers corners that strongly express the identity of a brand: Haribo, Kinder, Ferrero.
And… oh surprise… in its basement, the gourmet restaurant Setzkasten, number one in Dusseldorf!

2/ Image recognition is ready for the store

… to pay…

This Sunmi fund offers a face recognition payment
Pay in cash, QR code or 'Face pay'

… to count customers and track in-store traffic…

… to monitor linear lines, stocks and ruptures.

Captana by SES Imagotag

3/ Terminals are no longer gadgets

How many times have we seen 'test' kiosks in store, broken down or disconnected? The use cases are now clear on the offer extension and on sensitive products.

Here, buy in case of cigarettes
… condoms, razor blades and medicines.

4/ Linear information becomes queen

Seeing all these increasingly sophisticated electronic labels made me think of the world of video games. At the time of the first portable consoles, Nintendo had released a black and white Gameboy in order to favor autonomy and portability. Now the Switch displays millions of colors in HD. It is therefore conceivable that these three-colour labels will follow an equivalent progression.

Electronic labels become real product cards.
The range of possibilities is becoming immense, at Pricer…
… or SES Imagotag
The display even fits the sign's charter. Here, a very glamorous expression.

AI Engineer Internship Offer / Image Recognition

(more is for our Google #SEO)
Internship offer 01/24/2020


our_project -set (["machine learning", 
pattern matching, convolution neural networks, 
"feature vectors," "nearest neighbors," "similarity scores," 
"image classification," "object detection," "deep learning," 
"matching," "complex images," "tensorflow," 
"keras," "pytorch," "opencv," "scipy," "numpy," "annoy,"
"lille," "euratechnologies," "gratification," 
"imt lille douai," "CIFRE thesis if affinities"])

If your_project.issubset(our_project) and len(your_project) - 2:
    print ("Write to irwan@retailshake.com")
    print ("♡")

Deep learning: recognition of a product pack

Here is a short video of the deep learning project we conducted with PicWicToys. This app is dedicated to in-store teams. It allows them to instantly visualize their competitive positioning on a given product.

There is no need to manipulate the box to scan the barcode. Deep learning artificial intelligence recognizes packaging, which remains on the shelf.

The advisor can compare his price with the neighbouring stores, as well as his stock and e-merchandising.

Prototype of our app "Recognize – Optimize"[VIDEO]

Find our prototype "Recognize – Optimize" in this video. This application allows each in-store advisor to be an actor in their competitive intelligence. A simple scan of the product allows you to compare in real time: price, promotion, stock and merchandising. In other words, it's marketing-mix benchmark for everyone.