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The Perfect Category

The objective of our use cases is to provide you with all the best practices to implement so that your offer is better than that of your competitors.

In this use case, we will focus on the perfect writing of the product category.

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Determining the perfect category for a product


To define a category in which to classify a product, it is necessary to both respect market denominations and have a consumer perspective.


  • Respect market denominations

When a user searches for a product, they enter into their search engine the denomination that seems most commonly used to them. For this, they are obviously influenced by the suggestions of search engines. When selling a product, one may want to differentiate it from the market by finding an original denomination for it; however, this is a mistake as it will not make it rise in search engines. Therefore, one should not bypass the market but rather adhere to its vocabulary to benefit from relevant natural referencing. And this is also true for the filters of the search engine on your e-commerce site.


  • Defining the perfect category in which to classify your product also involves having a consumer perspective

How would the consumer describe this product? It is by answering this question that we are most likely to be understood by potential buyers and to build trust.


  • Providing accurate and truthful information

We sometimes tend to want to argue further on a product sheet, but it’s no longer the place. In terms of UX, we really advocate sticking to objective information about the product. It is necessary to choose the terms of the description so that they are precise and understood by the reader. This is where a tool like Retail Shake proves to be very useful (we will come back to it later).

One sheet per product, no duplicates or unnecessary sheets

In addition to writing the product sheet, organization is also crucial to facilitate the user’s navigation and shopping experience.

  • No duplicate content

Duplicate content should be avoided because it automatically generates identical content in multiple copies. All these new pages will reduce the effectiveness of your link building. 

  • No filter without products in stock

It is pointless to keep active a sheet and a filter that correspond to a product that is no longer available. By preventing a visitor from using the filter, you avoid generating an additional URL and prevent them from arriving on a page where no product matches their search.

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