Inflation & Retail


Practical guide for retailers in a context of sustained inflation.

The essential whitepaper for valuable insights and practical advice to navigate through an ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Our whitepaper delves deeply into the key aspects of inflation, from its theoretical foundations to its practical implications on your portfolio and financial projects. You will discover:

            • The factors influencing inflation and how they interact.
            • Strategies to protect your investments in an inflationary environment.
            • Competitive intelligence as a lever in the face of this period of inflation.

Coping with inflation with Retail Shake means:

Know everything about your competitors.

Pricing, geolocated stocks, websites, product visuals, descriptive texts, and even customer reviews… Retail Shake is the only solution allowing for a simultaneous benchmark of all these competitive elements.

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Gain market share

It only takes an hour to analyze your market and compare your performance. This competitive monitoring is automated. You can access it online whenever you want.

> Monitor a market

Monitor products in real time

Retail Shake allows you to know where the products are in real time, on which marketplaces, what prices are set by different distributors, what reviews are left by customers on different platforms… in short, to track your products as well as those of your competitors.

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