How much does it cost?

Retail Shake offers a range of packages to suit your specific needs for our
functions in your day-to-day business. Choose the license and pricing that
matches each of your team members and your budget.
Why not use our skills to get an even sharper competitive edge? Need analysis,
advice, strategy on an ad hoc basis or regularly? Add the Consulting option. We
create a proactive solution tailored to meet your needs.

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Why choose Retail Shake ?

Our experts are constantly improving their knowledge of markets in all sectors. As a result, they have accumulated a wealth of experience and are in touch with the realities on the ground, whatever the field of activity.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to answer your specific questions or to support you in your short-, medium- and long-term strategy. We can carry out market studies for you, and provide you with our conclusions and recommendations. Both on price and on all the elements that make up your range. The aim is to optimize the current range or expand it, or even to build and launch a new range.

We can also put our expertise at your disposal to help you prepare for annual negotiations with your customers or suppliers. To do this, we provide you with a clear vision of the market at any given moment. We then work with you to find the best opportunities for distribution, to challenge your suppliers, to source marketplaces… and all at the best prices!

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The best deal in the market!

As you know, we are in the competitive intelligence business. That means we know we offer the best price. Retail Shake is the only solution in the world that simultaneously benchmarks prices, stocks, digital distribution, visuals, text and customer reviews. We provide high-end competitive and strategic analysis. And it’s yours for less than 100€ a month – that’s about 4€ per business day. That’s why so many businesses choose us.

They trust Retail Shake

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many competitive sites can you monitor for me?

The sky’s the limit! We can monitor as many competitors as you like.

Do I need technical knowledge to use Retail Shake?

No, you don’t need any technical knowledge to use our tool. And you don’t
need to install anything. The tool is available online in SAAS mode. All you
need is a password to access our turnkey solution.

Will my competitors know I’m monitoring their prices?

No, your competitors won’t know you’re monitoring their sites for prices,
client reviews, and the like.

Is monitoring my competitors’ pricing legal?

Yes, it’s legal. We only use public data available on websites. It’s even
useful for competition law.


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