The million!

1 million offers sucked into our Retail Shake app !!!

That's it, we've just officially passed the million-bid mark in Retail Shake. Knowing that we detect 137K products today, this means that a product is present on average in 7 stores in our database. It's starting to number: 460 stores detected, including 40 indexed, 2000 brands, 4 million stock data… A milestone towards "Big Data"!

New Shopping Experience 2019

Discover 40 new innovations in the trade of the future! We'll be presenting "Recognize – Optimize," the app that allows every in-store advisor to optimize their department. Registration:

Support from Bpifrance

We have the honor and pleasure to announce that we have the support of Bpifrance 😊 Feel encouraged, supported, … Thank you for helping us with development and innovation!

It's official, Retail Shake is the winner #Hodéfi !!!

Introducing Hodefi:

As an actor in financing innovation in Hauts-de-France, Hodéfi supports and finances, in the start-up phase of some thirty innovative companies per year.

Hodefi brings:

  • Expertise
  • A priming honorary loan
  • Individual and personalized support
  • A network


Hodefi provides in-depth expertise on the files for the transition to the accreditation committee:

– The operational team evaluates the eligibility and economic feasibility of the project, validates the business plan and mobilizes its network of specialist experts

– The network of experts, composed of a hundred members in various fields of expertise, intervenes at the request of the operational team to bring its expert perspective on the files.

These experts receive the creators, write a summary note and participate in the accreditation committees.
The creator is thus challenged throughout the examination phase.


Hodéfi may grant, by decision of its accreditation committee, an honorary loan to the creator to strengthen his personal contribution in the company and leverage other financings (BPI France, seed funds, Business Angels, banks…)

The loan, with an average amount of 40 to 50K euros, is repayable over 5 years with a one-year repayment deferral, and without a personal deposit.
For projects with very high development potential, Hodefi can allocate a "nugget" loan of 80K.
The Hodefi loan is intended to finance the commercial start-up of the projects.

An accompaniment

Before his stint on the accreditation committee, the creator can participate in Hodéfi Days, a 2-day seminar led by professionals and illustrated by testimonials from laureates, to consolidate his business plan.

Once a Hodéfi laureate, the creator receives personalized and individual support for 3 years, by an experienced entrepreneur. Sharing experiences, exchanges and confrontations of ideas, allow the winner to take a step back from his activity and to be challenged in his role as leader.

Heavily involved in our actions, our network of accompanists, made up of a hundred volunteers, devotes more than 2,000 hours of support each year to our laureates.

The Hodéfi Club

The Hodefi Club is run by a team of winners and has more than 300 members. It is the place of exchanges and meetings of the Hodéfi laureates.

A true network dynamic, the Hodéfi Club organizes various events designed to develop networking: breakfasts, afterworks, business RVs…

"Retail Booster" winner #3

Retail Shake wins PICOM Retail Booster

We are extremely honoured to have been selected in the 3rd promotion of PICOM's "Retail Booster" acceleration programme. For one year, we will follow the acceleration process alongside five friendly companies: Potion Social, HelloZack, Hubstairs, Go Touch VR and Deewee.

What is the Retail Booster by PICOM?

RETAIL BOOSTER's mission is to support the creation or development of innovative companies considered strategic by the major retailers. It must enable the entrepreneur to quickly mobilize the skills and resources necessary for the success of his project.