AI Engineer Internship Offer / Image Recognition

(more is for our Google #SEO)
Internship offer 01/24/2020


our_project -set (["machine learning", 
pattern matching, convolution neural networks, 
"feature vectors," "nearest neighbors," "similarity scores," 
"image classification," "object detection," "deep learning," 
"matching," "complex images," "tensorflow," 
"keras," "pytorch," "opencv," "scipy," "numpy," "annoy,"
"lille," "euratechnologies," "gratification," 
"imt lille douai," "CIFRE thesis if affinities"])

If your_project.issubset(our_project) and len(your_project) - 2:
    print ("Write to")
    print ("♡")

Deep learning: recognition of a product pack

Here is a short video of the deep learning project we conducted with PicWicToys. This app is dedicated to in-store teams. It allows them to instantly visualize their competitive positioning on a given product.

There is no need to manipulate the box to scan the barcode. Deep learning artificial intelligence recognizes packaging, which remains on the shelf.

The advisor can compare his price with the neighbouring stores, as well as his stock and e-merchandising.