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The aim of our examples is to give you all the best practices to implement to ensure your offer is better than that of your competitors.
In this example, we take a closer look at how to establish the perfect product category.

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Choosing the perfect category for a product

Describing a product is of major importance for online sales. It’s by reading the product information sheet that net users will decide whether to make a purchase. The product information sheet is also scanned by the search engine (inside your site or on Google) to reveal the product when a net user types in a request or chooses filters. Hence the importance of being precise and relevant when defining the category of your product.

Finding the perfect category, pitfalls to avoid 

To choose a category in which to insert a product, you need to respect both the market denominations and have a consumer vision.

  • Respecting market denominations.

When net users look for a product, they type the denomination which seems to be the most used into their search engine. When doing so, they are of course influenced by suggestions from search engines. When selling a product, you may want to make it stand out from other products by giving it an original denomination. This is a mistake because it won’t boost the product in search engine searches. Do not, therefore, try to circumvent the market, but rather use vocabulary which helps you benefit from natural and relevant referencing. This also goes for search engine filters on your commercial site.


  • Defining the category in which to insert your product also requires having a consumer vision.

How would consumers describe the product? It’s by answering this question that you have the greatest chance of being understood by potential buyers and building trust.


  • Providing fair and accurate information 

We’re sometimes tempted to provide more arguments in the product information sheet but this is not the place to do so. In terms of UX, we really recommend sticking to objective product information. Choose the terms of the description so that it is accurate and understood by readers. This is where a tool like Retail Shake can prove very handy (we’ll come back to this below.)

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