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The essentials to know about your rate watch.

Before starting a definition of tariff watch. Tariff watching is a technique that allows a company, distributor or brand to regularly or continuously monitor the prices charged by its competitors in the market. The importance of tariff watch for a company. Today, it...

The Retail Shake team confined!

The entire team reorganizes to continue to provide Retail Shake services from home. You can find a picture below 😉 Take care of yourself, your loved ones and above all ... 🧼🏠 Stay home! 🦠😷

Retail: 4 trends to remember from Retail Euroshop 2020

Retail Shake went to discover the Euroshop show which was held from February 16 to 20 in Dusseldorf! We had the chance to participate in this great three-year mass that is Euroshop in Dusseldorf. It's "THE" global retail show. And it was a learning...

Deep learning: recognition of a product pack

Here is a short video of the deep learning project we conducted with PicWicToys. This app is dedicated to in-store teams. It allows them to instantly visualize their competitive positioning on a given product. There is no need to manipulate the box to scan the...

New office😊

The Retail Shake team has a little more space and a real coffee corner. We are still at EuraTechnologies with Sarah, David and Christophe. A hybrid workplace Our space is a place of work and a place to live. We want to have informal areas of exchange and work. The...

Welcome to Sarah, who joins the team!

The team is growing! Sarah is a Master of Advanced Marketing student at ISEG Lille. During her internship, she will help us create the Retail Shake brand.

Prototype of our app "Recognize – Optimize" [VIDEO]

Find our prototype "Recognize - Optimize" in this video. This application allows each in-store advisor to be an actor in their competitive intelligence. A simple scan of the product allows you to compare in real time: price, promotion, stock and...

The million!

1 million offers sucked into our Retail Shake app !!! That's it, we've just officially passed the million-bid mark in Retail Shake. Knowing that we detect 137K products today, this means that a product is present on average in 7 stores in our database....

New Shopping Experience 2019

Discover 40 new innovations in the trade of the future! We'll be presenting "Recognize - Optimize," the app that allows every in-store advisor to optimize their department. Registration: https://www.new-shopping-experience.fr/#inscription


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