Today we are interested in our CSM so that you can get to know her and better understand her role within Retail Shake.

Can you tell us more about yourself ?  

My name is Laure, I’m 23 years old and I joined Retail Shake a year and a half ago. During my last year of master in New Technologies of Information and Communication and International Business Management, I was recruited for a 6 months internship as a Business Developer and I was launched on the home sectors (decoration, furniture, bedding, household appliances …).At the end of this internship, we decided to extend the adventure with a permanent contract, in the same position. The advantage of working in a start-up is that our missions are much more varied: prospecting, negotiations, sales, project management, after-sales… but after a while, it becomes important to separate these missions so that the Business Developers can continue to take care of new clients and carry out their missions. Moreover, it is important that one person can centralize all customer feedback to satisfy the greatest number of customers ! 

6 months after the beginning of my permanent contract, Irwan and Morgan (sales director at this time) proposed that I become a Customer Success Manager, thinking that my profile corresponded well to the needs, and I accepted with pleasure, motivated by the proposed missions and by the confidence that is granted to me. I have been in this position since February, supported by Fréderick, a coach who helps me to discover the specificities of this job. 

What does CSM mean?

The Customer Success Manager is the “control tower” for listening to and satisfying customers! He is at the heart of the customer relationship and allows them to have a “privileged” interlocutor to be heard. He is the voice of the customer within the company, representing their requests and needs and must also be able to anticipate them. The implementation and monitoring of KPIs on satisfaction is also one of his missions. By being key in customer satisfaction, he is also key in building customer loyalty. 

Why did you create this post within Retail Shake? 

Even though CSM is a rather new job, it is central to a company’s strategy. Customer satisfaction and relational excellence being part of the Retail Shake culture, it is quite natural that this position was created! 

What are your tasks? 

My missions are very diversified, the most important is the management of the customer portfolio, the resolution of problems (or should I say: inform the tech team of the problems, because without them, I would not be able to satisfy the customers, I only sublimate their work finally 🙂 ), participation in projects, but there is also the follow-up of KPI, sharing time with the other teams, evaluation of customer satisfaction through questionnaires or meetings dedicated to this subject, participation in the writing of customer newsletters, in the Retail Shake Academy, QA (Quality Assurance) 

What do you like about this job? 

I love what I do mainly because I am very empathetic, so I love human contact and it is an integral part of my daily life, whether with our customers or with my colleagues. I love to share my enthusiasm and my good mood! On the other hand, I am driven by success, when customers call us to tell us they are happy, I am even happier than they are, haha! I love to “break my head” for hours in front of an excel file to find out why there is a problem and help my colleagues to solve them. Anyway, 6 months ago I didn’t know this job, and I think I finally found a job I like and for which I’m happy to get up every morning!