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How to improve your competitive intelligence on the household appliances market ?
Professionals in the household appliance and multimedia sectors operate in a highly competitive market where each segment of the sector, small appliances and large appliances, evolves differently. It can therefore quickly become difficult to anticipate competitive developments on all channels. Retail Shake is a 360° competitive intelligence tool that provides active, continuous and real-time monitoring of the players in the household appliances sector as a whole: quartiles and price indices, geolocated stocks, top products, etc.

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Analyse the competing brands

How do you keep an eye on the competing brands in the household appliances market?

Fnac, Darty and Boulanger hold an essential place in the minds of consumers. These brands are truly unavoidable in this sector. In addition to these specialist shops, there are pure players such as Cdiscount, GSAs and kitchen specialists who are sure to take a large share of the market. The intensity of the competition is enormous and competitive intelligence is complex. Retail Shake offers you a solution that clarifies your competitive intelligence by scanning your competitors’ data on a daily basis.


Follow the brands

How can you not miss out on the most emblematic brands of the moment?

In addition to the fierce competition in the sector and the occupation of the market by very popular brands such as Samsung or Whirlpool, professionals in the Home Appliances sector have to deal with multiple positioning policies: from discount to luxury. With Retail Shake, you can compare all the offers available on the different distribution channels and follow your competitors’ strategies on a daily basis.




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Our solution allows you to perform grouped EAN searches.

By entering a list of EAN or GTIN codes, the application provides you with information on all competitors who have the same products, the price differences, the details of each product and the link to the page of these products at your competitors. In addition, you have the possibility to export this data in excel or csv format.



The household appliances market is enjoying a positive dynamic.

The household appliance market is enjoying a positive dynamic. Small household appliances are benefiting from the innovation strategies of companies to find their audience. Household appliances have an important place among consumers, whose “comfort at home” has become increasingly essential since the start of the Covid-19 crisis and the repeated confinements. New consumption patterns have contributed to the need for consumers to renew their equipment: the evolution of “homemade”, DIY; expectations in terms of durable, repairable, connected and innovative appliances; the greater demand for cleanliness in the home, all these social phenomena have benefited professionals in the sector who have seen their sales explode.

At the same time, the household appliance market is one of the most competitive sectors in the world. The offers are very varied in terms of availability, positioning and the distribution channels are just as multiple. It is a market in full saturation where the GSS, the GSA, the pure players and/or e-traders and the home equipment professionals are all fighting for market share.

In this highly competitive sector, it is necessary for companies to stand out by implementing the best strategies and by constantly monitoring market developments.

Retail shake is the competitive intelligence tool that allows you to actively and continuously monitor your sector.

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