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Optimise competitive intelligence !

Find out what your competitors are up to ! 

Retail Shake is a 360° tool for price monitoring, product comparison, benchmarking, tracking promotions, geolocating stock, business intelligence by sector and more. Everything you need on a daily basis to optimise your stock, merchandising plan, and marketing strategy. Convey the essence of your products. Optimise your brand image. Enhance your brand equity.

You can also track brands and retailers that interest you.

Track your brand’s prices, customer reviews, merchandising, geolocate products and stock – and for your competitors’ brands too. Get live information about your competitors’ product line and promotion policies. Our integrated competitive intelligence is automated. Receive information updated daily, whenever it suits you.

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Optimise price monitoring !

How to set the right price. 

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In a fast-moving world where competition is tough and ecommerce is developing at a hurtling pace, Retail Shake offers intelligent price monitoring. Every day, our tool collects the product pages of your customers and your current and future competitors. The tool uses artificial intelligence to analyse commercial information and match products to facilitate competitive analysis.

Every day you receive automatic information and alerts about your competitors’ brands, the number of common references, and their price index. Stay one step ahead of your competition to help you make the right decisions. 

You can also monitor unauthorised distribution of your products, known as parallel trade in the grey market.

Improve merchandising

Boost your turnover !

Retail Shake is convinced that retail stores still have a great future. They are strategic in the customer journey. Human relationships, giving advice, listening to customers, and the way products are displayed on shelves are key to the customer relationship. They make all the difference for pure players. New ideas and practices are tested in stores every day. The industry is dynamic, and competition is fierce. 

We offer new ways to monitor your teams’ – and your competitors’ – good and bad practices. You have a comprehensive benchmark

You can also use Retail Shake to share your best merchandising practices with your community including other stores, purchasing departments, and suppliers.

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Supervise your stocks

Receive stocks alerts.

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Having products in stock is vital to meeting consumer demands. Forecasts and stock levels are key to ensuring adequate stock levels.

Retail Shake geolocates your stock to help you track products. Check the quantity of products in each store on the dynamic map. You receive daily alerts about the value and quantity of your stock and sold-out and surplus items.

Optimised information means you hone stock monitoring for greater agility.

Monitor customer feedback

Be aware of what your customers are saying.

Consumers are very sensitive to customer product reviews: nearly 9 out of 10 consumers consult product reviews before buying. They also use business intelligence to optimise their purchase, in-store with their mobile phone in their hand. Reputation is a new issue for retailers – both for products and brands. 

Retail Shake collates customer reviews for you. Monitor reviews of your products, stores, and brand and compare them to your competitors.

Screenshot of the Retail Shake tool

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