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Retail Shake’s price comparison tool

It only takes about four minutes to learn to use Retail Shake’s price comparison app. And not only does the Retail Shake app compare prices of identical products – it also compares prices of similar products. That’s our secret weapon! Want to know more?


Compare prices of identical and/or similar products.

This tutorial uses the example of a rug and laminated floor by Y brand. It’s interesting to compare prices of the same product from different brands. But it’s also important to understand the market for similar products, either by the same brand or a retailer.

The Retail Shake app knows how. Retail Shake doesn’t only look at the barcode or GTIN – it also looks at product characteristics. For example, the colour, dimensions and weight of the rug. Our algorithm searches comparable products, including competitors’ products that are not exactly the same


How do I access the price comparison tool?

From the dashboard of the Retail Shake app, simply scan the product or manually enter the GTIN code in the bottom right corner.
This gives access to the product sheet: image, name, price, etc.
Opposite, you can choose the competitors that interest you. The search engine finds identical products and offers you a list of similar products

How do I sort between identical and similar products?

The application offers you a list of products. The right column indicates either “I” for identical products or “S” for similar products.
You can match products or not. It’s up to you. Selected products are displayed with the other similar products so you can analyse and monitor them.
The refresh bar also tells you when data has been scraped.


How do I access similar product descriptions?

Click on the product image to access the product description and discover what makes it similar and different to your product.

Now you know more about the Retail Shake app. Want a step-by-step lesson in how to use the tool? Our next tutorial is about 

By Clémentine