Price monitoring

We monitor your prices, your products and those of your competitors, so that you follow the right strategy in your market.

Competition will hold no secrets for you


For every retailer, price monitoring is of crucial importance. It enables them to remain competitive in the market by adjusting their prices in line with those of their competitors. This ensures that they remain attractive to consumers and don’t lose market share.

Price monitoring with Retail Shake enables retailers to detect market fluctuations and react quickly. This enables them to anticipate product price rises or falls and adapt their strategies accordingly. It also helps retailers identify opportunities to optimize their profit margins. By comparing product purchase prices with sales prices, they can identify which products offer the best margins and adjust their assortment accordingly. In addition, price monitoring enables retailers to detect dumping or abusive pricing practices on the part of their suppliers. This gives them negotiating leverage to obtain fairer prices and maintain balanced relationships with their business partners.

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