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A 360° Competitive Intelligence

  • Stay ahead by monitoring your competitors’ stock levels in real-time.
  • Analyze their product listings to refine your own catalog and attract eager customers.
  • Don’t let prices slip away from you. Compare them to yours to remain competitive.
  • Be the first to react to new products launched by your competitors and adjust your strategy accordingly.

A Pricing Analytics Solution:

  • Analyze pricing trends to optimize your profit margins.
  • Compare your prices with those of your competitors to stay competitive in the market.
  • Identify pricing opportunities and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Data Quality, Our Priority:

We are committed to providing accurate and reliable data to fuel your business decisions. Our data collection and processing process is rigorous, ensuring optimal quality at every step. You can trust our data to provide you with valuable insights and help you make informed decisions.

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Top Products :

  • Discover the top-performing products in the market to track emerging trends.
  • Identify growth opportunities by showcasing the most popular products among consumers.
  • Use these insights to adjust your assortment and maximize your sales.

Matching Similar Products:

  • Expand your range by finding similar products on the market to meet all your customers’ needs.
  • Monitor emerging trends in your sector by analyzing competitor products.
  • Don’t miss any sales opportunities by offering alternatives to your competitors’ products.

Your Partner for 100% Optimized Competitive Intelligence

More than just a pricing tool, Retail Shake is a comprehensive competitive intelligence solution designed to give you a strategic advantage in an ever-evolving market.

With our platform, you can monitor your competitors’ prices, assortment, and stock levels in real-time, as well as track changes in their pricing policies. You can see the status of their product listings and even their customer reviews. Our technology enables automatic data extraction from any website, giving you a clear and detailed view of your competitive landscape.

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Categorization and optimization of your product sheet :

  • Organize your product catalog effectively and consistently for simplified navigation.
  • Use precise categorization to facilitate search and purchase for your customers.
  • Optimize the presentation of your products by classifying them into the most relevant categories for your target audience.
  • Create perfect product listings that capture customers’ attention and drive sales.
  • Optimize every detail, from product names to descriptions, to maximize their impact.

Analyze Trends

  • Anticipate your customers’ needs by identifying emerging trends in your industry.
  • React quickly to price changes and promotions with real-time alerts.
  • Make informed decisions to maximize your profits through precise data analysis.
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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Reviews

« We chose Retail Shake for the quality and reliability of the data. »

« After 2 months of testing, we chose Retail Shake for the quality and reliability of the data, as well as the way the teams proposed a tailor-made project for us, with relevant complementary proposals. »

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Retail Shake - Outil de veille concurrentielle le plus complet


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