Data Acquisition 

We find the data you need to make informed decisions in real time and optimize your results.



The innovative Retail Shake methodology


Obtaining and managing data is an essential asset in a company’s decision-making process. That’s why we attach the utmost importance to the quality of the data we select. Our professionals take into account the 5 pillars of quality data mining: Accuracy, Completeness, Integrity, Freshness and Consistency.

We regularly collect information on all e-commerce sites, marketplaces, googleshopping… You’ll find all the information you need on prices, stocks, images and customer reviews for each site you want to monitor. It’s this information that will enable you to achieve optimal competitive intelligence! We then process the exact set of data requested, and deliver it via application and/or direct flow.

We also do :

We democratize access to local competitive, demographic and geographic data to help companies boost their business performance. We intervene at this level to help identify local over- and under-performers, measure the potential of a future location and track competitors.


30M POIs and 75GO, capitalized on open data and hundreds of specific programs run daily to feed the platform with fresh data and track the evolution of targeted companies.


Geographical representation engine, e.g. IRIS data that can be downscaled to 200/200 squares; isochrone and catchment area calculation, market representation by zone.


We capitalize on data and geography to define business indicators. Thanks to market studies and local market surveys. So you know in real time the state of the market around you.

Discover the Retail Shake Academy to learn more about how we collect our data