Categorizing product sheets


The product sheet is an important step. We optimize and complete it for you, so that your offer is complete.

Optimize your offer


A complete, high-impact product sheet is the best way to encourage visitors to buy. With Retail Shake, categorizing product sheets is simplified and optimized.

Retail Shake uses advanced techniques to automatically classify product sheets. This means that the system is able to analyze product attributes such as descriptions, names, images, etc., and automatically assign them to specific categories. Retail Shake can categorize product sheets accurately and reliably. This allows you to organize your product catalog efficiently, making it easier for your customers to find and navigate. The solution offers the flexibility to adapt product file categorization to your specific needs. You can customize existing categories or create new ones according to your product structure and sales strategy. What’s more, product category management can be centralized, making it easy to update and manage changes. You can add, delete or modify categories in a single location, which is automatically reflected throughout your entire product catalog.

Discover the Retail Shake Academy videos to learn more about categorizing product sheets